The Book Group meets monthly on the last Tuesday at 7:00 pm in the Reading Room on the Main Level.

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The Haston Library Book Group formed in the Spring of 2000 to read a series entitled, The Ends of Civilization:  Taking Stock on the Eve of the Milennium.

To mark the end of the millennium, The Massachusetts Foundation for
the Humanities sponsored a book discussion series with the tantalizing
title found above.  “Five recently published books that critically assessed
human progress and asked fundamental questions about the future
formed the basis for the discussions.”  Local scholars also participated
when available.

The five books included:

  • The End of Education – Neil Postman
  • The Ordeal of Integration – Orlando Patterson
  • The End of Science – John Horgan
  • The End of Nature – Bill McKibben
  • The End of History and the Last Man – Francis Fukuyama

Residents from North Brookfield and area communities participated.  Having enjoyed the lively discussions and camaraderie of fellow readers, there was much enthusiasm about continuing the group.  Thus, the North Brookfield Public Library Book Discussion group was launched and continues more than a decade later.

Many of the inaugural members are still active. Participants have come, gone and returned–new readers are always welcome.  Members read a book a month.  The selections are made informally by the group in August/September for the following “academic” year and books are ordered through inter-library loan.  Two months are devoted to a heavier tome during the summer months when one of our gracious members hosts a pot-luck barbecue for a tasty discussion.

Non-fiction is interspersed with fiction accommodating a variety of reading interests.  Most people are quite forthcoming about their likes and dislikes and a simple evaluation form is distributed at the end of each discussion where people can rate a book on a scale from 1-5 and place brief remarks in the space provided. 

For more information or to order a copy of the current selection contact the library at 508-867-0208.