NBHS—A History

Produced by Paulette Adams and Ellen Smith for theNorth BrookfieldHistorical Society


Name_____________________________________             NB Class of _____________(year)

1.  Teachers/ staff you especially remember and why.

2.  Favorite class or classes and why.

3.  Friends—“Best friend” or group of friends.

4.  Extracurricular activities (sports, music, plays, etc.).

5. How did you get to school?

6.  Did you “hang out” after school?  Where?

7.  Technology at the time—what was “cutting edge”?

8.  Styles—clothing, hair, cars, etc.

9.  Did most of the kids who started high school with you stay for 4 years and graduate?

10.  Memorable experiences—proms, trips, etc.

11.  National/international issues that you were aware of at the time

12.  Pranks or other “adventures”.

13.  Anything else not covered above?

14.  Do you have any photos or memorabilia to share?  We can copy anything you don’t want to let out of you sight.

Questions?  Contact Ellen at (508) 867-8935 or smithe_01535@yahoo.com