North Brookfield Library to discuss “First American Revolution” August 5th

 As part of the celebration of the Worcester Revolution of 1774, the Haston Free Public Library in North Brookfield is sponsoring a discussion group for Ray Raphael’s “First American Revolution: Beyond Lexington and Concord” on August 5th at 7:00 PM at the library.  All citizens are invited to attend.

 Copies of the books are available for purchase for $10.00 at the Circulation desk at the North Brookfield Library.

Copies also may also be borrowed from other libraries through interlibrary loan or obtained in person at the Worcester Historical Museum.

This county-wide read is being done as a part The Spirit of ’74 County-Wide Read to recognize the 4,622 militiamen from 37 towns of Worcester County who marched down Main Street in Worcester, shut down the Crown-controlled county courthouse and, for the first time ever in the American colonies, effectively overthrew British authority to become independent. The date was September 6, 1774. Not a shot was fired.

 The reads throughout the county will culminate on September 7, 2014 with a free, day-long happening in downtown Worcester for families and the general public. Ray Raphael, the author of the book, will meet with participants to answer questions and sign copies of his book on September 7.

 For more information please call the library 508-867-0208

The Worcester Revolution of 1774 is a consortium of historical and cultural nonprofits in Worcester County. More information on the events and activities is available at