Author Marilynn Borst will be at the North Brookfield Senior Center on Wednesday, December 11th at 11:00 AM to present an illustrated talk on her book:  GEORGE M. COHAN WAS HERE! North Brookfield’s Town House past, present and future – printed by The Friends of the North Brookfield Town House. 

The 100 page book, with 85 illustrations and photographs, covers the history of North Brookfield’s Town Houses from 1833 to 1864 and follows the life of the present building from 1864 to 2013 – and beyond. 

As work on a new bell tower progresses and we look forward to its being returned to the Town House roof in the spring of 2014, the memories book looks to the future, ending with the vision of a restored, renovated and reused Town House.

The book contains an Index of Names where readers may find pages on which they, their friends or relatives are mentioned as a part of someone’s memory.  There is also a section devoted to Remembrances sent to the Friends by people who wished to use this book to acknowledge or honor a friend or loved one.

Books may be purchased at the library that evening.  The cost is $10, with all of the proceeds going toward the restoration/renovation of the North Brookfield Town House. 

The printing of this book is supported in part by a grant from the North Brookfield Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.