Warren Farm Student Tour

Warren Farm

The Warren Farm and Sugarhouse

Approximately 50 minutes long, the tour takes participants on a guided and narrated walk through the history of maple sugaring.  We will share stories about the Native Americans’ role in the early history of sugaring, and continue by demonstrating colonial methods and tools for collecting and boiling.  Along the way students will explore two different systems used today, and will have an opportunity to see new technology. 

Aspects of science, meteorology, global warming, and math will be woven into the presentation. At the sugarhouse a large evaporator stands ready to receive sap from collection tanks outside.  Here, students will learn how sap is boiled into syrup, and see the equipment and gauges needed for this process.    The level of discussion is adapted to the age of the group, and questions are encouraged.  Older students focus on issues of ecology and economics as well as more sophisticated aspects of technology and related career paths.   This is certainly a tradition that has something of interest to all ages! 

We have a gift shop filled with maple syrup, maple confections and other products we produce here on the farm.  The most inexpensive items, varying in prices from $1.25 to $10.00, are arranged in the center of the shop just for students.