LIBRARY TRUSTEES MEETING 7 July 2021 (in person and via Zoom)

Present:  Peg Bodine, David Maher, Scott Norrie,Ellen Smith, Betty Wuelfing, Dawn Thistle

The meeting convened at 7:07 pm

Minutes of the June meeting were accepted.

Librarian’s Report                                                  


                                                                                    2020                            2021   

June 30, 2021              All Items circulated                  934                            1596

                                    NB Items circulated                288                             1467

                                    Checkouts Overdrive              224                               276

Financial Report:

Account Balances as of:3/31/214/30/215/31/216/30/21
Salary Account18,041.0211,918.72 7,992.12  1,668.09
Library Expense Account10,616.01  7,915.92 6,574.30  4,201.89
State Grant  2,872,75  6,189.51 3,892.68  1,976.49
Gift Account  1,926.37  1,701.74 1,701.74  1,035.25
Child Book Gift     625.29     625.29     625.29     625.29
Trust Funds (expendable)16,682.9516,682.9516,682.9516,682.95

June Activities and Programming:

June felt closer to normal than we’ve been in a long time. On June 1 & 8 we held the virtual Writing Your Autobiography with Seema Kenney with three attendees.  This was part of the Preserving our Memories grant project funded through the MBLC.  Also on June 8 was Let’s Draw Animals with Rick Stromoski.  This was also virtual and had 4 attendees.  It was REALLY fun, and I would love to have Rick back in person.  On June 19 we held our first real face-to-face program with LEGO Master Builder, Dan Steininger.  The meeting room was packed 26 kids and their families (all in masks, of course!).  The powerpoint presentation started slowly, but once the LEGOs were dumped out and the competitions began, everyone had a total blast.  It was a great way to start our in-person programming back up, plus kids want us to get the LEGO Club going again.

The ever-faithful Coloring Club continued to meet on Mondays, the Friends held their summer get together in the library (it was supposed to be at Helen Foyle’s, but she had skunk issues!), and the Book Group had its year-end meeting/cookout at Bob LaFlamme’s.  Bob has sold his house, so it was sad to know that we will not be meeting there anymore! 

Programs for July will include Henry the Juggler (July17) and Ed the Wizard (July 31) plus a Piñata Party—a piñata-building craft night for the newly-formed Haston Art Club—on July 12.  The Haston Art Club plans to meet on the second Monday of every month.  The LEGO club will meet on Thursdays and, last, but absolutely not least, Summer Reading Tails & Tales begins on July 6. 

Summer Reading will feature the usual reading log, on which kids record all the books they have read.  As long as they have read at least one book, they can select a prize from the prize table.  At the end of the summer there will be even bigger prizes (thank you for your donations, David Maher!)  Summer Reading programming includes Maker Mondays with STEM projects for older elementary kids and Tails & Tales Tuesday Storytimes for the younger kids with a story and a craft.


Rebecca Laughlin decided not to accept our offer of the Youth Services Librarian position.   After a couple of days of panicking, I asked Brianna if she would be interested.  I had asked her earlier in the spring, and she had said no, but now she would like the job.  I am very pleased, as I believe she brings a lot of enthusiasm to her work, and this will be a good way for her to embark on her professional library career.  The other great result is that Gabby Holmes can move directly into Bri’s position. So, we are all set for an easy transition.

Building Maintenance:

Renaud HVAC & Controls is our new HVAC contractor.  They switched our system over to cooling on June 8.  They have moved billing to the start of the new fiscal year, so there will be no issues with paying them with FY21 funds.

All members of the Building Maintenance Committee have agreed to continue to serve, and Dave Maher has also joined the committee.  Reappointment by the Selectmen should happen soon.

Cooking program for children has been proposed by a patron.  The Senior Center kitchen is appropriately equipped.  The logistics need to be worked out since the patron would like to have more than 5-10 children participate.  Dawn feels 5-10 would be the best size group given the size of the space, etc.  Further details will follow.

CWMARS cost have gone down by about $800 because of the elimination of a rather large number of items from our database, including outdated materials and items that have been lost or missing for a long time.

Respectfully submitted,


Old Business:  None

New Business:

  • New COVID 19 guidance from Gov. Baker’s office allows for remote meeting to continue until April 2022.

Adjourned:  7:38 pm

Submitted by:  Ellen Smith, Secretary

NEXT MEETING:  Wednesday September 1, 2021 at 7:00 pm (No meeting in August)