Policy Statement

The Haston Free Public Library encourages the interest and involvement of residents and organizations through bequests, trusts and donations of monetary or other tangible assets for Library purposes. It is understood that special gifts and bequests should not take the place of public support but should enable the Library to provide and enhance the grounds, services and collections in ways not financially possible within the current municipal operating budget.

General Regulations

In general, the Haston Free Public Library welcomes gifts of money, books and other materials, equipment, works of art, documents, photographs, or property of any kind that promotes the mission of the Library. The Library reserves the right to refuse any gift that the Board of Library Trustees, in its sole discretion, deems to be not in the best interests of the Haston Free Public Library to accept. If a gift is accepted by the Library, the gift shall be final; no restriction on the Library’s ownership, possession, use, or disposition of the gift shall be effective other than restrictions approved by the express vote of the Board of Library Trustees.


1. Monetary gifts – The Library welcomes gifts of cash or other investments. If the gift is used to purchase library materials, Library staff will try to accommodate the donor’s subject or title preferences.

2. Materials – Gifts of miscellaneous books or other materials in good condition are accepted with the understanding that items which are not added to collections will be disposed of at the discretion of the Library. These items may be given to the Friends of the Haston Free Public Library for sale, given to other libraries, or discarded. Books may be added to the circulating collection or placed in the Local History Collection.

3. Collections – Gift collections will be accepted only by the Director in consultation with the Board of Library Trustees and with the understanding that the collection may not be kept intact.

4. Memorial gifts – The Library welcomes monetary gifts for the purchase of materials for the grounds, services or collections given in recognition or memory of individuals or organizations. Whenever possible, the Library will choose items which accommodate the donor’s preferences. The name(s) of the donor(s) and those recognized by the gift will be listed if so desired. These gifts must support the mission of the Library. The Board of Library Trustees may provide a list of opportunities for memorial and recognition donations.

5. Real estate or other personal property – The Library will accept gifts of real property that either support or could be sold to support the mission of the Library. Such offers will be handled by the Director, who in consultation with the Board of Library Trustees and Town Counsel will determine the suitability of the gift and the terms of acceptance compatible with the Library’s mission and policies, the donor’s intent, and applicable laws.

6. Art and decorative objects – In general, gifts of art objects shall be of local interest to the community, of a professional quality, well-executed, and in good condition. As with all other gifts, art objects will be accepted only with the donor’s full agreement that the Library has the right to handle or dispose of the gift in the best interests of the institution. Because of the Library’s limited display and storage areas and focus on its primary mission as a library and not a museum, potential donors of art and decorative objects are requested to discuss any possible gifts with the Director and Board of Library Trustees. No gifts posing a danger or threat to patrons will be accepted (e.g., metal sculpture with sharp, moving parts). No gifts that require extensive, regular special care or conservation will be accepted.

7. Valuation – The Library will provide a timely, written acknowledgement of the receipt of gifts to the donor and, if desired, to a recognized individual or organization. Income tax regulations leave the determination of the gift’s monetary value to the donor. Donors wishing to have an appraisal of their gifts for income tax purposes should have that done prior to donation.

8. Future disposition of gifts – Libraries used extensively by their patrons sustain losses through theft, mutilation, and ordinary wear. Resources with obsolete and/or misleading information may be discarded with time. The Library, therefore, cannot guarantee that any gift will be part of the collection or furnishings permanently. Excess articles may be first offered to other Town departments and then discarded.

Approved by the Haston Free Public Library Board of Trustees, 2 March 2022